DR as a Service from Sanovi

DR as a Service from Sanovi

September 26, 2012 By sanovi


Recovery as a Service


Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity solution is designed to enable Recovery as a Service to offer DR as a scalable and cost-effective service across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.


Recovery as a Service face several challenges when providing a high-value service like disaster recovery (DR):


•   Manual operations and expertise-dependent processes make offering DR an expensive and non-scalable proposition.


•   Since applications are typically made up of heterogeneous solutions, it becomes difficult to offer monitoring and recovery as a uniform service.


•  Recovery SLAs are hard to monitor and report on.

This is where Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity solution has been able to step in and make a difference. The following are some of the key differentiators when it comes to our Cloud Continuity solution.


Cost Effective DR


Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity Solution supports pre-packaged DR solution templates for various technologies, thereby enabling Recovery as a Service to deploy a best-practices DR solution quickly and easily. The need for expertise is reduced and deployments can be automated, resulting in a scalable and cost effective DR service-offering for the end customer.


Automated DR


Automation is the key to IT agility and operational efficiency. Our Cloud Continuity solution automates the DR process, enabling reliable and scalable operations across multiple customers. DR processes that are typically automated are failover recovery and DR drill processes.


Simplified DR


Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity solution simplifies disaster recovery for the service provider by offering a single console to monitor and manage all DR activities. All DR-related events, alerts, and process management across several customers can be managed from a single console that offers multiple views.


Integration with Service Provider Eco-system


Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity solution offers multi-tenancy capabilities that enable Recovery as a Service to offer service securely to all their customers. Our Cloud Continuity solution can be seamlessly integrated with external monitoring, alerting, and trouble ticketing solutions to ensure easy and smooth integration with the service provider management eco-system.


The vendor believes that a BFSI-focused approach is critical for it to address the $100mn DR/BCP opportunity in the country.

In a bid to further strengthen its foothold in the Disaster Recovery solutions space, DR Management (DRM) Software provider, Sanovi Technologies, has introduced an offering, specifically designed for the banks. Considering that BFSI is the second largest investor in IT solutions, Sanovi has a strategic plan for this segment.


September 26, 2012 By sanovi


express computer_logoThere’s growing demand for DR solutions in this sector in light of RBI policy guidelines—based on the Gopalakrishna Committee report that mandates that banks operating in India test their Business Continuity Plan/IT DR of critical applications regularly in order to ensure that they are up to date and effective. The RBI also recommends that banks consider having unplanned DR drills.


According to the company’s co-Founder and Vice President of Products, Lakshman Narayanaswamy, Sanovi’s latest offering complements its existing DRM Suite and it will help banks automate their Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness as well as to comply with regulations and guidelines laid down by the RBI.