Raja Vonna


rajavonnaRaja comes with over 20 years of experience in the field of Disaster Recovery and Data Protection, having executed various enterprise deployments in India and in the US. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and DR expert, who successfully built enterprise DR and Data Protection products and solutions from the ground up. As VP – OEM Engineering, Raja has successfully translated the initial concepts of Sanovi DRM to an enterprise-class product running at the offices of top financial, manufacturing, and media giants. He has been a key contributor in setting the direction of the product as well as a key player in the acquisition of large enterprise customers.


In addition to a strong knowledge and understanding of the Disaster Recovery domain, and also replication and database technologies, Raja brings to the table enterprise application architecture and development experience. While directly contributing to the initial architecture of the product, he has personally developed initial versions of some of the core modules like the correlation engine, the communication framework, and the file replicator.


Raja has set up one of the largest DR i-labs covering different replication, database, and OS platform technologies. During the early stages of the product, he had handled the additional portfolio of professional services and customer support, apart from engineering. Before Sanovi, he worked with Sanrise, Auspex, Compuware and Wipro.


With four US patents in storage and networking technologies, Raja has in-depth knowledge of storage, networking, databases and replication technologies. He holds an MS degree in Computer Science from Central University, Hyderabad.