Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management

Continuing technology advances, changing customer profiles, rise in ecommerce and the emergence of multiple service delivery channels have caused business and government organisations to handle unprecedented number of transactions 24 x 7. With this, organisations today are also faced with the on-going challenge of safeguarding and ensuring the Business Continuity of the system and unlike the past decade, they cannot afford IT outages and data losses anymore. Any failure, even of slightest degree, can put the organization at a great reputational, compliance and financial risk.

1. Sanovi DRM – Sanovi provides Business Continuity and IT Recovery software & solutions for Business & Governemnt Organisations, Data Centres and Service Providers across virtual and physical infrastructure. Sanovi software is application aware, going beyond only machine recovery to enable comprehensive enterprise application recovery
2. Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity solution – Designed to enable service providers to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to provide Disaster Recovery(DR) as a scalable, self-service based, cost-effective offering, across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. The offering built on Sanovi’ s patented Application Defined Continuity (ADC) technology enables the realisation of true cloud benefits.
3. Sanovi offers its BCM Collaborator – Business continuity involves the participation of people, process and systems, for ensuring seamless business continuity. To enable frequent DR drills for ensuring IT resilience, Sanovi offers its BCM Collaborator for setting up an integrated communication centre for emergency,
Sanovi provides a comprehensive offering for the Business Continuity needs any organisation.
Sanovi Cloud Continuity is the leading management software for leveraging cloud infrastructure to meet business set Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives for IT applications.

Business continuity and recovery solution for Hybrid Clouds

Key Cloud Continuity features are:

Sanovi’s Application Defined Continuity(ADC) is a new way of defining, deploying and managing application continuity in the cloud.. Application Defined Continuity is application recovery intelligence for the cloud. ADC understand the continuity/recovery needs of the application and provides the intelligence to meet these needs on the cloud of customers choice. Application Defined Continuity makes migration and recovery to the cloud simple, seamless and SLA driven, enabling your business to leverage hybrid cloud
Converged Infrastructure support: Leverage the speed and simplicity of deploying Recovery solution for converged infrastructure. Cloud Continuity interfaces with cloud management software to provide a seamless experience in provisioning and managing application DR on FlexPod infrastructure.
DR on Hyper Clouds: powered by ADC, Cloud Continuity makes using Hyper clouds such as AWS for DR simple and seamless. Cloud Continuity includes one-click provisioning, automated IT recovery and drill orchestration and monitoring of recovery SLA driving down cost and complexity for a wide range of Recovery Point objectives that your application needs.
Recovery Lifecycle – offers the complete life-cycle of provision, monitor, validate, test, recovery and report to enable comprehensive application recovery on the Cloud.
Infrastructure Aware – tight integration with OS, network, replication technologies and Cloud Management APIs to enable discovery, monitoring and recovery automation.
Application Aware – – pre-packaged DR solution best practices templates for several enterprise applications
VM Aware – tight integration with virtual infrastructure that enables provisioning for recovery, automation of start and stop of virtual machines deployed on Hybrid Clouds.
Sanovi Cloud Continuity: Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Out-of-the-box best practices DR workflows Reduces the time and expertise required to provision new DR solutions; out-of-the-box DR signatures enable reliability and DR best practices
Support for major
third party
Deploys and manages DR solutions for a heterogeneous environment deployed on converged infrastructure and Hybrid Clouds
Monitoring of DR
metrics such as
Provides customers with the ability to offer high-value services that require stringent SLAs
Automation of
recovery failover
Reduces time and operator error, making application recovery more predictable
Automation of DR
Dramatically reduces time and resources required to conduct DR drills, resulting in scalability in the number of drills, with lesser resources
Manages DR services for multiple subscribers using a single window management console
Support for billing ​Allows service providers to offer pay-per-use DR functions to their subscribers.