Consultancy Services

Building a Resilient Organization

Customary business activities may get impacted due to various threats such as power cut, cyber-attack, an equipment failure, theft, flooding, terrorist act or an accidental damage. By implementing a robust Business Continuity management system, your business will :

  • minimize financial losses in the event of disruption
  • meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • increase production availability

Sanovi’s Application Defined Continuity (ADC) technology driven business continuity management (BCM) program includes the business continuity plan (BCP), disaster recovery plan (DRP), pandemic and crisis management plan. We assist clients by evaluating their existing processes and plans to provide pragmatic recommendations for improvement. We design and develop application aware BCM framework, processes, procedures and tools. Sanovi’s BCM Consulting services are complimentary to its enterprise class products that automate the BCP/DR plans and process. Together with these Products and services, Sanovi offers a comprehensive, application aware, easy-to-use / implement and cost-effective BCP/DR program.


Sanovi’s BCM Consulting Key Services

Sanovi offers entire BCM lifecycle service with a modular approach to improve overall maturity levels of the BCM program. Our key services are :


BCM Plan Development

Includes identifying the key business processes, performing Risk assessment and BIA, building a recovery strategy, designing and developing plans and plan testing to ensure robustness of BCP/ DR


BCM Operations

Provides one time assistance in DR Drill Testing or on-going BCP / DR management support including periodic DR drills, product support and issue resolution


BCM Audits

Independent audit to enhance BCP/ DR Readiness and prepare for certification


DR Run Book

Develop  DR operational manual


DR Solution Design

Design the workflows with step by step logical operations for application recovery and DR Readiness drills


Fast Track Assessment

Quick deep check of current status of BCM against industry best practices


BCM Program Lifecycle & PMO

Sanovi’s BCM Program Lifecycle model is developed using our patented Application defined continuity (ADC) technology and leverage industry best practices and is complimented by integrating the rich on-field learnings gained while working with various industry vertical clients.




Value to Clients

Sanovi with more than a decade of experience in working with clients across the globe provides predictable and outcome based solutions. Key benefits to clients are:

  • Improving business resilience
  • Complying to regulatory, contractual demands and industry best practices
  • Protecting reputation and confidence of shareholder value
  • Responsive and effective decision-making in a crisis
  • Increase recovery capabilities & Higher uptime of critical business processes
  • Improve awareness and collaboration among employees and business partners
  • Simplicity and Speed in Plan Development & Operations using Sanovi BCM Planner & DRM
  • Better ROI from BCP/DR investments


Why Sanovi

Sanovi is most preferred choice for customers for 3 key reasons:

  1. Provides best-fit solutions backed up with proven experience and expertise in BCP/DR
  2. Provides end to end solutions including consulting, implementation and operational services both on BCP and DR side
  3. Provides predictable and easy-to-use BCP/DR program with its BCM planner based Service delivery approach