FAQ – Cloud Migration Manager

1. What is Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager?
Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager is an enterprise software platform that provides migration lifecycle automation at application level with emphasis on workload migration planning and design.
Sanovi’s Cloud Migration Manager ensures faster Hybrid Cloud deployments, reduced costs and consistent Infrastructure. The focus is on proper planning, to ensure optimal cost and performance, which can be monitored and optimized.
2. What are unique features of Cloud Migrator?
Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager Software automates the complete migration process in five lifecycle phases: discovery, plan, migrate, test and cutover. This provides visibility, control and flexibility to customers in performing large scale migrations.
With its migration planning and policy module, Sanovi migration manager helps in quickly identifying the optimal sized infrastructure on AWS cloud, based on policy knobs including cost and performance. It is built on Sanovi’s Application Defined Continuity platform that provides software driven business continuity and service availability.
3. What is the interop for Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager?
Currently supported environment in this release are:
Source: VMware ESXi 5.0 and above, Virtual machine hardware version 8 and above
Cloud: Amazon Web Services
Supported OS are : VMwareGuest OS : Widows (32-bit & 64-bit), Linux (64-bit)
support for other Clouds is part of upcoming releases, if you have a specific need, please get in touch with us.
4. Why should I use it?
Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager is a migration platform for global enterprises and managed service providers to accelerate public cloud adoption. Today, different software tools are used for different parts of workload migration life-cycle, which includes discovery, resource planning, migration etc. This leads to sub-optimal resource allocation, higher cost and complexity. Focus on individual machines, rather than application leads to manual errors, delays and inconsistent application behaviour. Often, there is incomplete visibility into plan and status, leading to missed schedules. Sanovi Cloud Migration manager addresses these challenges.
5. How is it licensed?
License pricing is based on number of VMs to be migrated.
6. Where will be Sanovi Migrator setup and what is the pre-requisite?
Prerequisites for installing Sanovi Cloud Migration manager are:
VMware : vSphere, vCenter
AWS/Cloud :
AWS Account, VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
AWS Direct Connect or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity and gateways between Corporate Data Center and AWS VPC
7. Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager supports only virtual environments. But my database/application is running on a physical server. Do I have to manually do it?
Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity solution, based on the Application Defined Continuity platform, provides Disaster Recovery functionality to applications running on physical & virtual servers. This includes initial provisioning as well as incremental data synchronization and can be used for migrating physical servers.
8. Do I need to install anything? What about agents?
Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager is an agentless technology, so you will not need to instalFor any additional information, email us at info@sanovi.com
9. Is there an evaluation version that I can try?
Yes, to try the evaluation version of the product, please mail us at info@sanovi.com.
10. How long does it take to learn about the product? Is it Easy to use?
It is easy to use, especially with the help of product installation and user guide.
11. Are there any manual efforts involved if I use your migrator?
No. The product automates the complete migration life-cycle.
12. Can I customize the planning module to set my own policies for resource allocation?
Yes. One needs to define a plan for resource allocation. Also, the resulting resource allocation can be changed as per options available on AWS.
13. We have our own tests to certify the readiness of an application moving into cloud, for each environment. Does your migrator help with these?
Cloud Migration Manager has the capability to automate application testing by facilitating a workflow. This workflow can be created and executed once the infra is made available for testing on AWS.
14. How can I buy?
To buy the product, please email us at info@sanovi.com