Getting On The Cloud

Getting On The Cloud

April 25, 2012 By sanovi

crn_highThough many organizations, large and small, have put non-critical applications such as email, HR and payroll on the cloud, there is still a lack of proper understanding about the cloud and its benefits.

According to industry estimates, SMBs will become the largest cloud adopters in India since they operate on lower IT budgets and hence, the cloud is the perfect option for them. Indeed, cloud adoption among SMBs grew 40 percent in 2010-11.

Key opportunities for partners came from the manufacturing, retail, BFSI, education, real estate and tourism sectors for cloud security services, online back-up and storage, IT infrastructure, network solutions, collaboration, database and utility applications.

Opportunities also exist for smaller brands and start-ups which offer customized applications or white-label services on the cloud. According to market research firm Zinnov, 60 percent of SMBs are willing to try solutions from new brands.

“Tech-inclined partners are talking the language of storage on the cloud, SaaS, DR, business continuity and verticalized applications with reference to hardware, support and maintenance cost, and savings in real estate,” says Kalyan Banga, Manager, Product Development, Netscribes India.

What does all this mean for the partner? We take a look at the existing opportunities and highlight some new ones which partners can explore to increase their share in this evolving segment.