Motivate employees to be your brand ambassadors

Motivate employees to be your brand ambassadors

July 8, 2014 By sanovi

times_of_india.cmsThe corner stone to getting your workforce to be brand ambassadors are employees who are thoroughly engaged, connected and committed
Organisations characteristically spend most of their time, efforts and budgets in branding and PR exercises focused on the external ecosystem. But it is absolutely crucial to focus and dedicate efforts on your workforce as well. Irrespective of the industry you are in, building and sustaining a strong brand necessitates that all employees feel connected to the corporate brand and comprehends their role in actualising brand aspirations. If you’re not motivating your talent to be brand emissaries, you’re missing out.
Benefits in the long run

A paper published by the Performance Improvement Council referenced that engaged employees are more productive, create better customer experiences, and are more likely to remain with their employers. The greater an employee’s engagement, the more likely he or she is to ‘go the extra mile’ and deliver excellent performance. As a result, employers triumph because they get a more stable and driven workforce and can thus, achieve the organisational goals while spending more time strengthening the brand. Augmented Revenue, reputation, customer satisfaction, creativity and out of the box thinking while maintain consistent brand identity and a motivated workforce with minimal attrition are key benefits.
Things to consider

Encourage individuality and facilitate self-discovery –Encouraging individuality and seamlessly blending these with the organisational traits to form a best fit can foster a creative and vibrant workplace environment which would increase productivity and retention. At Sanovi, we drive both on ground and on-line moderated open forums, self-discovery and ideation workshops etc. to achieve these.
Integrating the individual & the brand – The most successful companies’ help employees comprehend their personal brands and capitalise on the integration of these individual traits with the broader corporate objectives where by creating a win-win scenario.
Culture – Employees who feel valued and appreciated will want to talk about the delightful place of their work. Creating a positive culture for the worker force would turn them in to your most enthusiastic cheerleaders.
Make brand awareness a priority–The entire organisation should be fully aware of the company’s brand positioning and differentiation. The team will fail to deliver on the corporate brand promise if they aren’t clear about what it is. As a leader, you must educate your team on the brand and live the brand so they can learn from your example. At Sanovi, we leverage our social media channels, internal mailers and office insignia along with KYB (Know Your brand) round tables for the various teams.
New media Ambassadors –Social platforms (both internal & external) as well as blogs, mobile platforms etc. form key to the workforce being brand ambassadors as these are easy to access and leverage with greater reach.
The viral outreach can be an extremely powerful tool for the employee brand ambassadors to propagate the brand.
Things to avoid

• Imposing the brand
• Misconception that the personal brand and the corporate brand compete
• Unclear communication regarding the brand, its objectives and goals
• Unmonitored new media engagements around the brand

–Narayana Menon K, Director-Marketing, Sanovi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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