Product Overview


Business continuity and recovery solutions for physical, virtual and Cloud Infrastructure

Comprehensive Recovery life-cycle for Public & Private Clouds and heterogeneous hybrid deployments.


Align your business continuity SLAs with your IT DR solutions. Sanovi’s proven DR solution combines monitoring, reporting, testing, and workflow automation to manage recovery of complex IT infrastructure. Sanovi’s single console management offers scalable & simple recovery solutions built on industry standards. The result is a unified disaster recovery management product family that gives organizations the flexibility to leverage cloud and on-premises capabilities to optimally meet business recovery SLAs. In most DR environments, business continuity planners and IT managers have limited visibility into recovery readiness. The collection of heterogeneous databases, storage systems, servers and replication solutions found in today’s data centers, each with discrete management tools, makes ensuring recovery readiness a difficult task. Driven to meet regulatory compliance and RTO / RPO service levels, IT organizations have to perform disruptive testing of disaster recovery solutions, which is both time consuming and error prone.
Seamless Recovery Management across Virtual and Physical environments

As organizations increasingly adopt server virtualization in their data center, they face the prospect of having one set of recovery management tools for the applications on physical infrastructure and different tools for recovery of applications hosted on virtual infrastructure. Two or three tier applications use a mix of physical and virtual environments, database servers run on physical server infrastructure and application and web servers run on virtual servers. Sanovi DRM provides a single console that provides integrated recovery management of physical and virtual environments. Key Sanovi DRM features that enable comprehensive recovery management are:
• VM aware – tight integration with virtual infrastructure that enables provisioning for recovery, automation of start and stop
• Infrastructure aware – tight integration with OS, network, replication technologies to enable discovery and automation
• Application aware – pre-packaged DR solution best practices templates for several enterprise applications
• Recovery order – capture and play back of priority and bring up order of sub-systems so that n-tier applications can be recovered in an orderly manner
Seamlessly extend your Recovery strategy into the Private & Public Cloud
Leverage clouds to bring speed, flexibility and self service capabilities to your organizations recovery strategy. Sanovi Cloud DRM brings its proven life-cycle approach to application recovery onto public & private clouds. Sanovi DRM integrates with leading cloud software to provide one-click provisioning, automation of failover recovery and drills. Sanovi DRM is the only comprehensive software that unifies Recovery management across cloud and on-premises recovery solutions.
• Single management console – to manage IT recovery life-cycle for applications using public & private cloud as a recovery site
• Application aware – recovery solution templates that simplifies DR solution deployment into the cloud
• One-click recovery – automated failover recovery of applications
• Validate recovery readiness – automated, non-intrusive DR Drills to test application recovery
• Multi-site – use AWS as the recovery site from one or more on-premises data centers
• Meet Recovery SLAs – Real-time monitoring and alerts of DR solution health and data RPO & RTO SLA’s
• Replication agnostic – use database built-in replication or array based replication to replicate data into AWS
The Sanovi Advantage:

With Sanovi DRMTM you will be confident of your ability to recover from outages, whether disaster related or infrastructure failure related. You will be able to:
• Validate complex recovery for multi-vendor physical/virtual environments.
• Gain real time insight into application data loss and recovery time.
• Rapidly identify causes of recovery test failures.
• Automate redundant, resource-intensive, and costly DR procedures.
• Designing recovery workflows to meet service levels and RPO/RTO objectives.
• Eliminate operational disruptions with offsite recovery preparation and testing.
• Ensure global recovery audit reporting and documentation

 DRM Enterprise

  • lifecycleSanovi DR Management Suite, or Sanovi DRMTM, is the leading management solution for aligning DR infrastructure with Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives. Sanovi DRMTM combines monitoring, reporting, testing and workflow automation capabilities of complex IT infrastructure into a scalable, easy-to-use solution built on industry standards. The result is a unified disaster recovery management product family that delivers real-time DR readiness validation and offers clear business and operational advantages. read more…


 DRM 5.0 Monitor

    • • Dashboard view of configured recovery solutions and health
      • Real-time RPO/RTO monitoring
      • Replication monitoring
      • Event alerts and policy-based corrective responses
      • Application/database environment monitoring to identify changes



 Sanovi DRM 5.0™ Recovery Manager

    • The Sanovi DRM 5.0TM Recovery Manager offers comprehensive automation of application recovery and failover workflows. The software provides out-of-the-box workflow automation for failover of applications to the DR site along with the normal operations of data replication and application consistency at the DR site. Using out-of-the-box workflows, users can remain assured in the knowledge that they are deploying best-practices DR solutions that will meet the required RPO and RTO goals.


    • Sanovi DRM 4.0 ? Recovery Manager
      The Sanovi DRM 5.0TM Recovery Manager can help you automate the time-consuming process of DR more…



 Sanovi DRM 5.0™ DR Drill Manager

    • The Sanovi DRM 5.0TM DR Drill Manager is an optional module that provides automated failover and failback for conducting DR drills. Automation of DR drills drastically reduces the time-consuming process of preparing and executing DR drills and increases the success rate of the drills.
      The Sanovi DRM Recovery Manager and DR Drill Manager include:
      • An out-of-the-box DR solution for Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, SAP and other enterprise applications
      • The out-of-the-box DR solution includes workflow automation of failover, normal operations, switchover, and switchback DR drill.
      • Built-in replication for log shipment for database and application data
      • The ability to extend and customize workflows to meet your business needs using ready actions from the Recovery Automation Library
      • Ready reports on drill and failover workflow execution details with evidence of control


    • Sanovi DRM 4.0 ? DR Drill Manager
      The Sanovi DRM 5.0TM Recovery Manager also provides tested and out-of-the-box workflow templates and powerful automated failover and more…





 Sanovi DRM 5.0™ Reports

  • The Sanovi DRMTM Reports product provides several standard reports that are required for compliance and deviation reporting. Some of the available reports include the RPO and RTO deviation report as well as the DR Drill success and execution time more…