Products Fever – Solutions for Cloud Infrastructure is an Opportunity

Products Fever – Solutions for Cloud Infrastructure is an Opportunity

June 17, 2015 By sanovi

lakshman1Turning on and turning off compute resources on a need basis needs getting used to. This is once fundamental behavior shift that we need to digest and change our organization behavior to leverage cloud capabilities. IT Cloud capabilities enable us to rethink capex investments, as an organization, what do I want to invest in and what are application and compute services I can use and pay for on a need basis.

For traditional IT product companies, this change in end user consumption pattern represents a fundamental shift that challenges the way products are developed, delivered and supported. Instead of committing to buy storage hardware that can scale to meet organizational needs for the next few years, end users are going to buy storage as an when they need it. Instead of buying perpetual software product license, users want access to software on a subscription basis. Software version upgrades in the legacy world of owning software is a dreaded discussion. In the cloud world, software version changes are transparent to the end user. Software vendor develops new features and bug fixes and update the software that is running on the cloud. The end user notices new capabilities without any disruption to their application’s availability.

All of this represents a tremendous opportunity to innovate on new products and services that can be offered on the cloud. Cloud based products and services need to scale on demand, offer pay per use billing and multi-tenancy built in from grounds up.

At sanovi, we have embraced this opportunity with the Cloud Continuity product release. It helps organization leverage the benefits on public and hybrid cloud. We are working with data center service providers and enable them to offer recovery as a service using Sanovi software. All this translates to benefits for the end user, Disaster Recovery which was perceived as costly and affordable only by large organization has now become affordable and a must have for all organization that depended IT to fuel its business.