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Test Drive Sanovi Cloud continuity software on AWS


Sign up to test drive Sanovi Cloud continuity software in AWS environment

Cloud Continuity LogoBy signing up, you get access to your private Sanovi Cloud Continuity instance on AWS that enables you experience comprehensive IT Recovery life cycle features for private and hybrid clouds.
Cloud Continuity LogoWhat is Test Drive?
Test Drive is a platform developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable the rapid provisioning and deployment of a private sandbox environment.
How does it work?
Once you have signed up, you will have access to a guide which will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial, and a temporary Sanovi environment that you can access, perform application recovery & drill at the click of a button.
How long is my sandbox environment available?
Your personal Sanovi Test Drive environment will only be active for 3 hours. If you need it for a longer duration, please contact us to arrange an extension.
Supported browsers?
Mozilla-17 and above
Chrome-35 and above
Sign up is easy, click on the button and follow on-screen instructions. Have a question, contact us at marketing @