BC3 (Business Continuity Command Center)

BC3 (Business Continuity Command Center)

According to a study by Gartner, system downtime can cost businesses $42,000 per hour on an average*.


contact-expertWe’ve all been there. The dreadful alert of a system failure followed by the exercise of getting the right people involved to triage and resolve the issue ASAP. Most IT teams rely on conference calls and emails for basic communication during the course of an incident. Moreover, when an incident occurs, knowing whom to involve, who is responsible for what, and what steps to follow is critical to resolving any issue quickly.


Sanovi’s BC3 is our attempt to solve this problem and empower BCP / DR teams with a communication platform to engage with multiple teams, provide updates to various stakeholders, share documents, assign deliverables, and monitor work progress in real-time.


BC3 manages all the four key stages in the Business Continuity and Crisis Management life cycle—Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation.



BC3 digitizes standard operating procedure into a structured response that organizes people, tasks, documents, and files.

  • Create digitized plans organizing people, activities, and information
  • Initiate a structured response based on a pre-designed plan at the click of a button
  • Conduct drills, test run and improvise plans before, during, or after the event


Launch a coordinated response from an established plan at the click of a button. Notify people about the emergency and request check-ins to get a quick update of available resources.

  • Setup an incident communications centre in just two clicks to manage the response
  • Alert and notify responders on multiple mediums—Phone, SMS, and Email
  • Request check-ins and get acknowledgment from responders in real time



Communicate with teams in real-time, organize conversations, and coordinate activities to recover quickly from any situation, no matter where you are. Sanovi BC3 works on any device with Internet access.

  • Structure conversations and organize communications with multiple teams
  • Visualize incidents saved with location information on a geographical map
  • Maintain complete situational awareness of completed and pending activities


Analyze time-stamped transcripts of messages, status changes, and task activity for easy after-action reporting and to improve your response plans for future use.

  • Review complete, time-stamped communication transcripts for after-action reporting
  • Analyze message traffic trends, check-in reports and flagged messages
  • Manage electronic incident reports and download in ICS formats


BC3 Key Framework Features

Secure communications

Secured direct channels between diverse agencies and departments


User Friendly

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface based on familiar social media and web tools. New users can be fully up and running within minutes during an incident


One-Stop Solution

Comprehensive, all-in-one framework for all phases of incident response—preparation, management, recovery, and mitigation
Accessible from Anywhere

In the cloud—accessible and interactive from any internet-enabled device via web, email, SMS, and mobile App


Why Sanovi

Sanovi is the most preferred choice for customers for 3 key reasons:
1 Provides the best-fit solutions with complete focus and proven experience in BCP/DR area
2 Provides end to end solutions including consulting, implementation and operation services both on BCP and DR side
3 Provides predictable and easy-to-use BCP/DR program with its BC3 based Service delivery approach