DRM Drill Manager

Business continuity and recovery solutions for physical, virtual and Cloud Infrastructure


Simplify and Successfully Complete your DR Drills
Conducting DR drills is time-consuming and often peppered with moments of surprise. A better option is to replace conducting drills using run books with the DRM Drill Manager. This will enable you to automate your IT recovery tasks, thereby reducing your drill time and resources used while dramatically improving the success rate of conducting the drills.

Sanovi’s DRM Drill Manager offers the following benefits:

Eliminate surprises, improve drill success rate
Unpleasant surprises during DR drill can be bad news. Sanovi’s DRM Drill Manager conducts pre-flight checks to ensure that parameters such as access, permissions, and environment are correct. If they are not correct, the user is alerted, thus enabling them to fix the gaps before the commencement of the drill. This dramatically improves the success rate of the drills.


Minimize the time and resources required to complete a drill

The DRM Drill Manager enables the automation of IT workflow. It integrates tightly with heterogeneous technologies and enables automated execution of the steps required to test various technologies. Automation is easy: you can start with built in switchover and switch back workflow or build your own using the Recovery Automation Library (RAL), a repository of recovery steps for various technologies that can be very easily put together as a workflow. Automated workflow dramatically reduces the need for experts, reduces the time required to execute the drills, and eliminates operator errors.


Build Drill Automation workflow without the experts – welcome RAL
Traditionally, building drill workflows requires several experts to come together and write down the required steps. Often, the execution details remain with the experts, making the test heavily people-dependent. Introducing the RAL eliminates the need for costly and error-prone scripting, drastically reduces the time taken to deploy, and increases the reliability of the drill workflow.


Drill Collaboration – the new way to stay informed

The traditional way of conducting drills involves MS Excel spreadsheets, phone bridges, and lots of talking. The DRM Drill Manager dramatically alters the manner in which people across geographies co-ordinate during a drill. It provides a web-based workflow execution page that gives details of the workflow so that people at multiple locations can watch and be informed on the progress of each step of the workflow. No longer do you have to shout to be heard.




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