DRM Recovery Automation Manager

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Sanovi DRM Recovery Automation Manager

Time to Modernize Your DR Process

Automation of the disaster recovery (DR) process gives a company the confidence that the recovery process will work, eliminating operator errors and reducing dependence on experts. The Sanovi DRM Recovery Automation Manager offers comprehensive automation of application failover recovery. Our DRM Recovery Automation Manager works by seamlessly integrating with various subsystems to automate their recovery process.


Benefits of DRM Recovery Automation

Meet Application Recovery Times-Automation Shows the Way

Meeting business-set RTO is a challenge when the recovery process is based on run books and manual execution of run-book steps. Sanovi’s Recovery Automation product integrates seamlessly with various technologies and to automate their recovery. This dramatically reduces recovery time and eliminates operator error, resulting in predictable recovery.


Build Recovery Automation Workflow without the Experts-Welcome RAL

Traditionally, building recovery workflows requires several experts to come together and write down the required steps. Often, the execution details are with the expert, making the recovery heavily people-dependent. Recovery Automation Library (RAL) is a repository of recovery steps for various technologies that can be very easily put together as a workflow. This eliminates the need for costly and error-prone scripting and dramatically reduces the time required to deploy, while increasing the reliability of the recovery workflow.


Replace Error-prone Run Books with Pre-packaged Recovery Workflows

DRM comes pre-packaged with failover recovery automation for several third party technologies and applications. Deployment is user interface (UI) driven and easy, resulting in a proven and documented recovery workflow in a short amount of time.


DR Automation for Best of Breed Technologies

Heterogeneous platforms, databases, and replication technologies make up today’s application architecture. With recovery automation, companies can have the technologies of their choice and a recovery automation to meet it. DRM Recovery Automation interoperates with a wide variety of technologies, giving IT managers a choice of replication technology to suit their business needs.


Recovery Collaboration – The New Way to Stay Informed

The traditional way of performing recovery activities involves MS Excel spreadsheets, phone bridges, and lots of talking. Sanovi DRM Recovery Manager dramatically alters the way people across geographies co-ordinate when recovering IT applications. It provides a web-based workflow execution page that gives details of the workflow so that people across multiple locations can watch and be informed on the progress of each step of the workflow. No longer does one have to shout to be heard.


Recovery Manager Workflow Engine



The Recovery Manager comes pre-packaged with recovery workflows for various technologies. Building recovery workflows is easy and fast, eliminating errors and making recovery predictable.


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