DRM Recovery Monitor

Sanovi DRM Recovery Monitor


Get the Confidence that your DR Solution Works


The Sanovi DRM Recovery Monitor provides monitoring, exception reporting, and policy-driven actions for real-time DR readiness validation. With Recovery Monitor, clients have a central view of their multi-vendor replication environment health and performance. Clients can gauge if their DR solutions are meeting set recovery SLAs, such as RPO and replication data lag.



Recovery monitoring solves the DR Manager’s challenge of not knowing how well their DR solutions are meeting their recovery goals. The following are some of its key benefits:

Knowing about the level of IT DR readiness – Single window console with real-time visibility into the DR-readiness of applications

Immediate visibility into failures – Events and alerts on conditions that impair recovery readiness

Incorporate DR best-practices – Monitoring checks against best-practices DR processes and providing alerts on deviations

Quick time to value – Agentless model along with pre-packaged DR templates makes it easy to install and start using to monitor DR health


The Sanovi DRM Recovery Monitor features include:

Dashboard view of configured recovery solutions and health

Real-time RPO reporting

Real-time RTO estimates

Replication monitoring

Event alerts and policy-based corrective responses

Application/database environment monitoring to identify changes

DR Manager Dashboard

The Recovery Monitor features a rich dashboard that has all the required information that a DR Manager needs to understand the DR readiness posture of his organization. The dashboard reports on various recovery metrics at the application level, giving the viewer the required information to focus on problem areas.


DR Metric and Health

The Recovery Monitor provides information that caters to various kinds of viewers – the DR Manager, IT operations manager and system, and storage and database administrators. The DR Metrics and Health screen shows RPO, RTO, and data lag details at the application level. This enables the IT staff to quickly look at the health of critical applications and focus their attention where required.


Event and Policy Managment

The Recovery Manager tightly integrates with various technologies, thereby monitoring and also providing alerts on various conditions that may impair recovery. The built-in intelligence of the various parameters and conditions to monitor is pre-packaged, making it easy to deploy and use immediately. A sequence-of-events graph makes it easy to perform root cause analysis when several events from various subsystems have to be studied to debug a problem.