DRM Service Reporter

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DRM Service Reporter

DRM service reports are reports to meet audit, compliance, and regulatory needs.


DRM service reports are reports created to meet audit, compliance, and regulatory needs. Sanovi DRM provides several pre-packaged reports that are essential to demonstrate recovery compliance, understand DR capacity trends, and analyze DR processes like drill and recovery execution timing through the DRM Service Reporter. Some of the key features of Sanovi’s DRM Service Reporter are:


  • Several pre-packaged reports including RPO, RTO, application summary, and drill summary
  • Detailed drill execution report, including analysis of past drills
  • Evidence of control report, with execution details for submission to regulatory authorities


Banking Reports

Sanovi DRM for Banking includes specific reports that are required by banks to submit to the regulatory authority. These reports can be fully customized to meet the needs of the local regulators.

Compliance Reports to Indian Banking Regulator

In India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the state banking regulator, requires that all banks perform DR drills every 6 months, and submit quarterly reports about DR readiness of the IT infrastructure.
Sanovi DRM for Banking, includes several of the reports required by RBI, that will help banks comply to this regulation readily.


RBI DR Test Report:
This is an extensive report that documents all the tests done, with execution details for the last 12 months.


RBI DR Readiness Report:

This is an extensive report that documents the DR set-up as well as the recovery strategy and procedure for each application.


RBI Integrity Report:

Data integrity at the DR is as important as the ability to recover. This report captures the result of data integrity tests done on the DR server at regular intervals.