DRM Validation

Business Continuity and Recovery Solutions for Physical, Virtual and Cloud


Sanovi DRM Validation Manager

Eliminate surprises, make sure primary – DR environment are equivalent

Be it physical or virtual environments, operational and configuration drifts between production and DR sites are the reality. At the time of recovery, you do not want to be surprised when configuration changes have not propagated to the DR side. Sanovi Validation Manager checks equivalence of configuration parameters between primary and DR site and alerts of deviations that will impact recovery. Sanovi’s Validation is powerful feature that enables organizations to ensure that their DR application and platform setup tracks the production.


Validation Manager offers the following features:

  • Rule based equivalence check between primary and DR site
  • Pre-packaged rules for supported applications and technologies
  • Schedule validation runs on a regular basis and get report of deviations that can impact IT recovery
  • Customize validation rules – capture your IT organizations learning over time

Sanovi customers are using validation manager capability to eliminate surprises during recovery and ensure IT organizations are able to meet business set Recovery Times for critical applications.