Sanovi File Replication


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Sanovi File Replication


Sanovi DRM offers a file-based replication capability that packs in powerful abilities. It offers DR solution architects the flexibility to use a cost-effective replication solution that is seamlessly integrated with the Sanovi DRM management monitoring, alerting, and automation framework. Sanovi File Replication is a host-based file replication technology that works over IP networks.



Sanovi File Replication Use Case


Sanovi File Replication is a full feature replication capability that has been used very effectively in the following cases:


In a multi-tier application architecture, application environments include configuration files, patch folders, and application-related files that change on the primary server and hence must be replicated to the DR site. Sanovi File Replicator can be used effectively in configuring a DR solution where identified files and folders from the primary server get replicated to the DR site at the configured frequency. It comes seamlessly integrated with Sanovi DRM, providing an integrated console to monitor and stop/start replication, and steps that are easy to set up and manage.

Protecting RBDMS by replicating log files from the primary server to the DR site is a well understood and widely supported practice to ensure data consistency between the primary server and the DR site. Sanovi File Replication integrates with the database to replicate log files from the primary server to the DR site. It also integrates with Sanovi DRM to provide a complete solution to protect the database using log files. This provides a cost effective, pre-packaged solution that is easy to deploy, monitor, and manage.