SANOVI e-Newsletter September 2015

SANOVI e-Newsletter September 2015

September 14, 2015 By sanovi


Dear Sanovi Well Wisher,
This newsletter brings to you the six monthly highlights of Sanovi, from January to June 2015, which coincides with the end of the financial year for us. During this period, we made excellent progress in technology, business/OEM development and logo acquisitions. This is therefore, also an occasion for us to thank you for your support.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) market is growing fast, particularly in the cloud at around 60 to 70 per cent year on year, and we are happy to inform you that we are a part of this growth. During this period we crossed 300 customers and later on, in this newsletter, we provide a brief list of some of the leading organisations added as our customers during this period.

As a leading global provider of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) software, we have taken several key initiatives to enhance value to our customers and partners through our innovative and cutting edge Business Continuity and IT Recovery solutions. During this period, two major product versions (DRM and Cloud Continuity) were released including several enhancements to existing products.


DRM 6.3


  • Powerful Validation Rule Engine for complex enterprise environments, providing flexibility for seamless customization and personalisation
  • Powerful Work-flows for complex enterprise environment, dramatically reducing Data Centre recovery time
  • Out of the box Application Recovery Automation support for SAP, WebLogic etc

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  • Scalable, Self-service workflows for simplified deployment and provisioning
  • Cost effective DR for Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds
  • Central console for monitoring,  management, execution and improvement of Business Applications Continuity

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We now have over 300 customers, half of which are our Enterprise Customers and an equal number are on our Cloud Continuity Software.
Some customers added during this period include:

There was a significant adoption of Sanovi's Cloud Continuity Software including adoption by the following customers:


We have added several new Partners during the period and some of them are:

Cisco partners with 35 independent software vendors, seven Intercloud partners  announce hybrid cloud services. Read More..


We are excited to share that Sanovi was featured in the Gartner Report titled “ Comparing Active/Passive With Five Active/ Active IT Services Approaches for HA/DR” 

IDC Case Study – Business Resilience Redefined Using Sanovi DRM at HDFC Bank
HDFC Bank, one of India’s largest private banks has embarked on a Business Continuity program for its critical IT applications. In partnership with Sanovi, HDFC Bank has achieved a committed 50% reduction in recovery time of core application, 50–60% reduction in drill window, 80% reduction in service-level agreement (SLA) (RPO) tracking time, and also 65-70% business loss avoidance due to production emergency. Download the PDF



C-Edge Partners With Sanovi to Ensure Recovery Readiness
Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity software, powered by application defined continuity (ADC), enables service providers to offer recovery-as-a-service (RaaS). Employing Sanovi software, C-Edge ensures its own recovery readiness of its core banking and other critical financial applications it offers its customers.

Business Resilience Redefined Using Sanovi DRM at HDFC Bank
The bank has been maintaining the BCM Certificate of BS25999 for the past three years and was awarded the ISO 22301:2012 certificate in March 2014. Sanovi DRM has been a key enabler in the bank’s journey from IT Recovery to Resiliency.

Products Fever – Solutions for Cloud Infrastructure is an Opportunity
We are working with data center service providers and enable them to offer recovery as a service using Sanovi software. All this translates to benefits for the end user, Disaster Recovery which was perceived as costly and affordable only by large organization has now become affordable and a must have for all organization that depended IT to fuel its business.

The Growing Importance of Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)
Constant innovation to stay relevant in the current competitive world is pushing the IT teams to spend more time with business than operating the infrastructure. This requires the underlying IT infrastructure to be more smart and self-managing completely. Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) provides exactly this, where the applications define the policies and the underlying infrastructure delivers the application needs seamlessly with total automation.

We find an increasing trend of customer adoption to private, public and hybrid clouds today. Sanovi products are best suited for seamless DR across all these clouds. We shall continue to invest in R&D to release newer products that will simplify cloud migration and adoption, and increase the cloud interoperability. We are  leaders in Cloud DR software market  and have partnerships with most of the leading infrastructure and application service providers offering RaaS. We thank you for your continued support and  look forward to scale new heights together.

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About Sanovi:
Sanovi provides business continuity and IT recovery solutions employing its innovative Application Defined Continuity (ADC) technology for tier-1 and tier-2 workloads across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Sanovi has over 300 customers, including fortune 500 companies, service providers and multi-billion dollar enterprises across vertical industries. Gartner's 2014 Hype Cycle report on BCP/DR calls out Sanovi's software as the recovery management solution for heterogeneous platforms. Sanovi is a Red Herring Global 100 award 2013 winner. Sanovi's offerings include enterprise DRM and cloud continuity software products.
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