Sanovi Releases Next Major Version of Disaster Recovery Management Suite

Sanovi Releases Next Major Version of Disaster Recovery Management Suite

March 16, 2011 By sanovi

anovi Technology announces the release of version 4.0 of their Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) suite to help make IT recovery readiness   easier
• The new release supports ‘Agent-less’ technology, comprehensive CIO dashboards, advanced automation of disaster recovery processes, and IBM   database compatibility

Bangalore March 16, 2011: Sanovi Technologies India Pvt Ltd, the market leader in Disaster Recovery Management software, today announced the launch of Sanovi DRMTM 4.0 product suite, a next generation DRM suite based on Agent-less technology and state-of-art UI technologies The upgraded software aims to make business continuity processes easier for organizations and supports ‘Agent-less’ protocols, enhanced CIO dashboards and advanced automation.
Following the earlier version of the DRM Suite, the software upgrade delivers advanced applications and services for the datacenter, leverages virtualization to simplify business continuity planning & testing, and reduces the risk and complexity associated with executing disaster recovery workflows
“Sanovi is excited about the new release of its DRM suite. With the Agent-less technology, it will transform customer DR infrastructure into reliable DR services non-disruptively. This is huge, considering that enterprise customers do not have to plan for downtime of their critical infrastructure. It will empower the DR Managers and IT decisions makers more effectively in DR SLA management,. ” said Mr. Lakshman Narayanaswamy, Co-founder and Vice-President, Products at Sanovi Technologies. “This release also brings much needed support for several IBM customers who run their applications on DB2 database technology,” he added.
Sanovi DRMTM 4.0 is designed to make recovery readiness easier and supports broader customer infrastructure based on IBM DB2 technology. The new release features next generation dashboard architecture including the DR Manager Dashboard and Operational Dashboards for efficient analysis of DR readiness. Its Agent-less Technology will enable customers to deploy Sanovi software without the need for any additional software on their mission critical infrastructure. The release also extends its innovate workflow engine capability to enable advanced automation and enhanced audit logging. The new release is compatible with HP Continuous Access and IBM DB2.
“After the economic slowdown, a lot of SMEs have also realized the need for DRM while large enterprises are making it as one of their top three priorities,” said Mr. Chandra Sekhar Pulamarasetti, Co-founder and CEO, Sanovi Technologies. “In an IT environment, a disaster can cause extreme downtime, total interruption of processes, disruption in business operations, and loss of revenue. We believe that the new version of the Sanovi DRM suite will address these problems more effectively,” he added.
More than 50 large enterprises including several Fortune 500 companies are already using Sanovi’s DRM products. Sanovi solutions are available directly and through several partners including HP, HCL, and Wipro Technologies.

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About Sanovi Technologies:

Sanovi Technologies offers IT Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) Software products that help small, medium and large enterprises automate their IT Disaster Recovery Processes benefitting the organizations through Recovery Readiness Assurance and Operational Efficiencies. Sanovi products enable cloud and infrastructure service providers to offer remote DR services. Sanovi provides thought leadership in the DR area and has helped deploy a robust DR program through its DRM software at several organizations in the banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy, government and other industry verticals.
Complexity, Heterogeneous technologies, Non-standard and manual intensive processes, and Point management tools are characteristics of traditional DR solutions. These solutions lack visibility into DR Service level objectives including RPOs and RTOs. Surveys in the area reveal that one in three DR tests continue to fail and most of the organizations fail to make configuration updates to the DR systems. Due to these factors, ensuring application recovery remains a top challenge for IT management.
Sanovi’s products ensure recovery readiness through a DR life cycle approach including proactive DR infrastructure monitoring and automated DR drills. Built on standards-based platforms, Sanovi’s products offer real-time DR Monitoring, DR Configuration Change Validation, DR Testing, DR Reporting, DR Policies and Automated Failover features. Sanovi products are tightly integrated with several commercial infrastructure applications, replication products and platforms for total infrastructure automation.
Sanovi’s products help organizations standardize their DR solutions and deploy DR best practices. They help IT managers to provide transparent DR services to business groups, while enabling an agile DR infrastructure. Sanovi products overlay on top of the existing DR infrastructure including the HA and Replication systems and protect customer investments.

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