Sanovi Technologies announces the launch of Web Services for its flagship product.

Sanovi Technologies announces the launch of Web Services for its flagship product.

November 13, 2010 By sanovi
Sanovi Technologies announces the launch of Web Services for its flagship product.
Web services will provide complete programmable integration with Sanovi DRMSanovi Technologies, the leading supplier of Disaster Recovery Management software, announced the availability of web services for interfacing with its flagship product Sanovi DRM.Sanovi DRM offers CIOs, IT Operations and DR Managers visibility into the health metrics of their DR and application recovery readiness. With the launch of Web services, now the IT managers can keep tabs on the DR issues without needing to log in to the Sanovi console all the time.

Sanovi DRM provides real-time information for critical IT applications on over fifteen Disaster Recovery related metrics that include Recovery point, Recovery Time, Replication data lag and DR solution health. All of this information is typically available and viewed using the Sanovi DRM Web based user interface. With the introduction of web services, all of the real-time DR metrics are now available programmatically via the web services programming interfaces.

The web services makes it very easy to interface with Sanovi DRM application and extract CR related information to build a single enterprise management console that is customized to meet the end customers usability needs.

The web-services interface makes it more user-friendly and allows integration with multiple platforms and consoles, an IT manager is now able to also monitor select window console because of the easily programmable web services interface of Sanovi DRM

“Web services interface to Sanovi DRM allows customers, partners and service providers the ability to programmatically extract key DR information and customize it to meet end user needs. The web services API provides a very powerful, quick and easy way to integrate with Sanovi’s product”. says Chandrashekar Pulanarasetti, CTO, Sanovi

web services integration kit for Sanovi DRM is available for the currently available 3.1 release of the product.

About Sanovi:
Sanovi was founded in 2003 to help organizations proactively manage disaster recovery (DR) environments and ensure business managers that business applications can be recovered in compliance with service level agreements. As the leading independent provider of DR management software solutions, Sanovi is focused on ensuring recovery readiness across all levels of IT infrastructure.

Sanovi DR Management Suite is the leading management solution for aligning DR infrastructure with Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives. Sanovi DRM™ combines monitoring, reporting, testing and workflow automation capabilities of complex IT infrastructure into a scalable, easy-to-use solution built on industry standards. The result is a unified disaster recovery management product family that delivers DR readiness validation and offers clear business and operational advantages.