Sanovi to become new ISV member of Cisco IntercloudEco-System

Sanovi to become new ISV member of Cisco IntercloudEco-System

June 11, 2015 By sanovi

Here at Sanovi, we are extremely excited to announce that we are an official ISV member of Cisco Intercloud Marketplace. This week, we headed to the Cisco Live! conference in San Diego to join over 35 other industry leaders in proclaiming our partnership in providing our services via Intercloud. Never before has it been easier for our clients and our partners’ clients to gain access to our Application Defined Continuity technology.

When CiscoIntercloud Marketplace is officially launched in Fall 2015, customers will be able to easily and securely avail themselves of Sanovi’scutting-edge IT recovery solutions that will provide seamless business continuity. We’re proud to take this exciting leap forward with you, and give you the business continuity tools that you need to thrive in the new and ever-expanding cloud-based world.

Obviously, computing in the cloud does not equal immunity to IT outages. As infrastructure and consumer modalities change, applications need to keep up with those changes and follow consumer behavior. Over 90 percent of IT downtime is caused by hardware and software operational outages. You don’t have time for outages, and neither do your users. In the event of catastrophe (and, let’s be real, catastrophes happen—life happens), Sanovi’s expanded Application Defined Continuity software will give customers the security that they need to meet their consumers needs—now available from anywhere on the globe via the Intercloud. We know how complex your systems are, both physically and in the cloud. Automated DR management tools are more necessary than ever to ensure critical business continuity. Sanovi’sApplication Defined Continuity makes migration and recovery to the cloud simple, seamless and SLA driven, enabling your business to leverage hybrid clouds.

We’re absolutely ecstatic to be a part of this infrastructure revolution. We have the privilege of helping several enterprise customers including Fortune 500, around the world in in mitigating their IT system risks through our Cloud Continuity Software. Thanks to Cisco, we’ll now have the ability to meet the needs of Intercloud customers with ubiquitous access to this powerfulCloud software. That makes everyone happy, and that makes us happy. Connect with us on Twitter (@SanoviTech) and LinkedIn.