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IT is a Big Enabler – e-Governance


The importance of information technology has been understood by all, including governments, across the world. Today, several governments have initiated a number of e-governance projects to trigger the transition of governance from the traditional paper-centric world to the digital world. There are several complex projects that are changing the way we get our work done with the government, including the National Citizens’ Database, Passport and Immigration, Income Tax, and Land Records etc.

Given the scale and support that IT applications provide, it is important for projects to have an IT Disaster Recovery (DR) mechanism enabled right from the start. Given the scale and the heterogeneous nature of IT deployments, DR management software plays a very important role in ensuring that critical IT applications are able to recover within set recovery objectives and meet the citizens’ expectations from e-Governance services.

The Sanovi Solution for Govt/PSU

Sanovi’s Application Defined Continuity (ADC) Technology powered solutions enable the real time monitoring, automated testing and flip of switch failover-fall back operations whereby ensuring a robust and cost effective DR solution with increased operational efficiencies, reduced downtime and manpower. It also provides the resilience for these mission critical projects to have the flexibility to work across on premise and on Cloud models. This is the key reason behind the major government and public sector projects like Dubai Immigration, India Aadhaar, and APDRPs, for having Sanovi as their preferred choice for BCP/DR Management.


Watch the round table on IT DR at the 29th SKOCH conference SKOCH conference.


Sanovi DRM in eGovernance Projects


Sanovi has been selected for its DR Management capabilities in large and prestigious eGovernance projects such as:

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