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Sanovi for Enterprise Applications

Recovery: It is all about the application

Data replication, OS bring up are but parts of the recovery puzzle. Business and IT care about recovering applications in a timely and consistent manner. Sanovi understands complex applications and their multiple dependencies to enable orderly bring up.
Application aware

Sanovi is build ground up to be application aware. Sanovi integrates tightly with popular databases to ensure consistent protection and recovery. With Sanovi, you can represent complex, multi-tier applications, capture interdependency between various servers and the their recovery order.
Heterogeneous support

Today’s reality is enterprise applications are made up of physical and virtual platforms. True application recovery must support physical and virtual recovery to be relevant and comprehensive. Sanovi support various data protection technologies that enable the appropriate replication choice to meet the required recovery point. Further Sanovi supports various recovery methods like hot-warm for physical and hot-cold for virtual environments. With tight integration with third party replication technologies and extensive platform support, Sanovi enables true application recovery to meet demanding enterprise needs.
Automation & Orchestration

Sanovi has an extensive library of recovery automation steps as part of its Recovery Automation Library (RAL). Sophisticated application recovery workflows can be extended and/or customized to meet various application recovery and test needs. Sanovi customers have reduced application recovery time by over 60% and have reduced their resources needs for DR testing by over 70%.
Sanovi customers have successfully deployed DR for ERP applications such as SAP, banking applications such as Finnacle, Reuters and RTGS and in retail and government vertical industries.