Sanovi for Hybrid Clouds

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Sanovi for Hybrid Clouds

Business continuity and recovery solution for Hybrid Clouds


Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity suite is the leading management software for leveraging cloud infrastructure to meet business set Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives for IT applications.


Simplify IT Recovery to Private Clouds: Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity suite simplifies deploying and managing Recovery solutions on private clouds built with converged infrastructure or otherwise. Sanovi Cloud Continuity interfaces with Cloud orchestration software to offer application aware recovery that makes it simple to deploy, test and report.


Leverage the flexibility of Public Clouds: Sanovi Cloud Continuity suite interfaces with public Clouds to simplify deployment and management of application recovery to public Clouds. Whether your application is on-premises or hosted on a public Cloud, Sanovi can enable you to deploy and manage Recovery of your applications on a public Cloud.


Recovery as Service (RaaS): Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity suite enables service providers to offer RaaS to their customers.


Scalable, Secure, and Automated DR Services

Unlike on-premise solutions, Cloud services need to be very low-touch, highly secure and scalable due to the need to support very large number of customers in a shared infrastructure simultaneously. To gain customer confidence, Service providers need to provide SLA visibility and process transparency. Sanovi’s Cloud Continuity suite addresses these fully with multi-tenancy support, secure communication, pre-packaged recovery best practice workflows and total automation of the DR process.