Sanovi Cloud Migration

Enterprises are adopting clouds to reduce time to market and adopt pay-per-use model. Challenges in successful migration of applications and workloads to the cloud are an inhibitor for enterprises that want to leverage capabilities offered by cloud. Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager is a comprehensive migration product that covers all phases in migration life-cycle, required for successful migration.

Sanovi advantage:
Sanovi’s Application Defined Intelligence is comprehensive intelligence that captures application’s infrastructure needs and translates it to the target cloud infrastructure capabilities. Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager adds value to all the key phases of migration.

Customers are successfully using Sanovi Migration Manager to move applications/workloads from their data center to public clouds. Popular use cases for Migration manager are:

  1. Migrate Production Application from Data Center to AWS
  2. Migrate Dev / Test workloads from on premise to AWS
  3. Migrate Application components to AWS while maintaining Business Data on premise Data center

To learn how Sanovi can help you migration project, read an depth whitepaper on Sanovi Migration Manager.
Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager enables large scale workload migration into AWS cloud through Lifecycle Automation for Faster Migration & Consistent Infrastructure. Sanovi software automates the complete migration process in five lifecycle phases: Discovery, Plan, Migrate, Test and Cutover.
Phases of Cloud Migration Manager Lifecycle

Cloud Migration Lifecycle Phases